NSN Athlete Isabella Devetak

NSN Athlete Isabella Devetak

Isabella has been powerlifting competitively for 4 & 1/2 years now. With a lot of highs in her already flourishing career in the sport  we spend a few minutes going over some of her achievements. 

Sport : Powerlifting, 4years 

Biggest Achievement : IPF world Championships, Texas 2016. 5th Place. 

Personal Best Lifts 

Squat - 152.5kg 

Bench - 85kg 

Deadlift - 165kg 

Comps coming up: IPF world Championships, Sweden, June 2019. 

Favourite Lift or Workout : Squats 

Most influential person in your sport : Evan McCloy, because he can bench more than he can deadlift. (Sick moustache aswell mate) 

  • Pre workout or Ammonia? Neither
  • Squat or Deadlift? Squats
  • Donuts or Pizza? Donuts 
  • Conventional or sumo Deadlift? Conventional 
  • Cardio or CardiNO? CardNO
  • Chocolate or lollies? Chocolate 
  • Rower or Air Bike? Rower

You can follow along with Isabellas progress 

Instagram : @isaaaaaaaabella

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