Honey & Whiskey Glazed Pork Chops

Honey & Whiskey Glazed Pork Chops

Pork chops! Who doesn’t love a good pork chop on the bbq. This simple recipe will be a hit with friends or the family. 

Grab the desired amount of pork chops, for the sauce recipe it will serve 4 people. I brined the pork chops with water, salt and some pineapple juice. Go and see your local butcher for the best quality pork chops, we use the legends at Butchery on Brunker. 

After a few hours of brining, pat dry with paper towel and apply your favourite BBQ rub - we used Lanes Aus Signature but use any of your favourite rubs. 

While the rub is doing its thing leave at room temp and get your fire started. For todays cook we used the Fornetto and cooked them over Heat Beads charcoal. We got the charcoals hot and the temp up to 275F. We also added a few chunks of Cherry wood from Natural Smoke - smoking and bbq products. 

We are aiming for an internal temp of 145F, so after throwing the chops on the bbq after about 25-30 mins we turned the chops over to get a nice colour on both sides. 

While the pork is cooking we started to get our glaze together. 


Butter,  1 tblsp, 1 Small onion chopped finely, 1/2 cup of pineapple juice, 1/2 cup of whiskey of choice, 1/2 cup honey, sprinkle of bbq rub of choice. 

Brown the onion with the butter, than add the rest and keep reducing until a nice thick consistency. 

With the chops now at an internal temp of 140F we start our glaze. Spooning the glaze on top we let it set for 5 mins and then turn it over and apply a thick coat on the other side. I put 2 thick layers on the pork and then what was left i poured over on the plate. 

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