Big Weekend of Lifting for the NSN Crew

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Big Weekend of Lifting for the NSN Crew

What a big weekend of lifting for the NSN crew. We had 2 in at APU nationals and 4 in at The Fit For Kings Novice series. 

First off we had Kirsten Ramage in the 72 M1, its been 18 months since an injury stopped her lifting. Well after a massive rehab and build it was a successful competition. Squatting 137.5, Benching 80kg and deadlifting 152.5 with a total of 370 which was an all time PB. Kirsten also took out best M1 lifter with 631.79 IPF points 

Kate McCann lifting in the 63 opens came in with a great prep, we have worked on many things since Kate started and her work ethic is spot on. Going into the comp she was aiming for a good total and having fun. Kate Squatted 140, Benched 87.5 narrowly missing her 3rd attempt of 90 which would have been an Aussie record. She deadlifted 160 and finished in 3rd place with 387.5kg Total. 

Saturday had us at Rutherford for the Hunter novice powerlifting series. Always a great event full of locals starting out in Powerlifting. The Fit 4 Kings team are always very inviting and run a great comp. We had 4 in. 

Tahana set a goal of having some fun. Squatting 100kg which was a massive milestone achieved, then went on to bench 45 and Deadlift 117.5. Tahana had a great comp and got some valuable platform experience. 

Natalie (I don't think I've called you that before Veper). The Kween started off with 2 of the best squats ive seen her do ever, she has been working really hard at her technique, finishing with 120 it was great to see, laying down for a rest she benched 55kg then went into the deadlift with a goal of putting 10 on her best deadlift, today was not the day for that finishing with 145 opener and her 2nd of 155 was red lighted for ramping. Not the result you were after mate but we learnt a lot. 

Jez, its been a little while since competing and set out for 9 solid lifts. Jez started off with 3 great squats ending with 155. Benching 110 and went into deadlifts pretty fatigued after a long day and deadlifted 170. Good hit out mate and already set some goals for next year. 

Our OLD mate Robie. His 2nd comp in the Novice powerlifting series and seen some great progress, squatting 187.5, Benching 125 and deadlifting 225. 3 PB's and set some massive goals for 2020. 

Thanks to Mel for helping out coaching and supporting our crew, we always make powerlifting fun. 

We look forward to watching the progress of all our lifters. 

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