Athlete Profile - Ethan Emery

Athlete Profile - Ethan Emery

Ethan has been CrossFitting and has been with NSN for a few seasons now. Here we spend a few minutes going over some highs and lows. 

Sport : CrossFit, 4years 

Biggest Achievement : 25th place at the Down Under CrossFit Championships. 

Most Embarrassing moment in sport : Literally shitting myself during a workout at the Wodapalooza festival in Miami Jan 2019. (Really fits in with the NSN moto, No Stain No Gain) 

Personal Best Lifts 

Snatch - 135kg

Clean & Jerk - 160kg

Back Squat - 210kg 

Deadlift - 275kg 

Strict Press - 100kg 

Comps coming up: IF3 World Championships in Sweden Aug/Sep 2019. 

Favourite Lift or Workout : Heavy cleans and Bar Muscle ups 

Most influential person in your sport : Rich Froning. He was the first CrossFit athlete i seen train and compete. 

  • Pre workout or Ammonia? Pre Workout 
  • Squat or Deadlift? Deadlift 
  • Donuts or Pizza? Donuts 
  • Conventional or sumo Deadlift? Conventional 
  • Cardio or CardiNO? Cardio 
  • Coffee or Tea? Coffee
  • Rower or Air Bike? Bike 

You can follow along with Ethans process on his 

Instagram : @ethanmarkemery

Facebook : @inhumanprototype  

Good luck in Sweden mate. 

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